What is Baked Goods?


::: What? Who? Why? :::

The Baked Goods Collective is a union of Creative Souls. Offering imaginative goodness to counteract the stale Grey Matter that is the Mainstream Media.

::: Services Offered :::

– Logo/Flyer Design
– Album/Mixtape Covers
– Painting/Murals Commisions
– Tattoo Design
– Video Shooting/Editing

::: Chris Pop :::

Chris Pop is the definition of ADD. A photographer/Painter/Graphic Designer/Poet/Musician, and All around Bad ASS.  Perpetually in deep thought, Baked Goods is the brainchild of Chris Pop, and serves as a central hub for his many talents



::: Wookie :::

Wookie(Wade Thomas) is the definition of urban in my mind. He is a Videographer/Editor/Poet. He tries to be the best that he can in what ever he does. Wookie’s definition of Baked Goods is that the human mind will never be understand.


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