WonderRoot Open Mic 12/5

So Me and Chris Pop made our way to East Atlanta’s WonderRoot Open Mic this past friday and had hella fun! Click the image to check out some of the photos

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El Guincho – Bombay x Carl Sagan

El Guincho is the recording alias of Spanish musician Pablo Diaz-Reixa. Also a member of Coconot, Diaz-Reixa rose to prominence with his 2008 album, Alegranza! His musical style, influenced by a broad range of artists relies heavily on the use of sampling and incorporates elements of Afrobeat, dub, Tropicalia, and rock and roll. El Guincho combines these influences to achieve what he describes as a kind of “space age exotica.”

Space age exotica indeed. When I watch the video for his new song Bombay, I see all sorts of Carl Sagan references

Download Folias: http://www.mediafire.com/?qw9ohz4yugg

Download Alegranza: http://www.mediafire.com/?riyjjxz2fny


As a special treat, some Carl Sagan auto tuned goodness. Enjoy ^_^

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Cig Love


Cig Love


Weeping Wall




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Quincy Vidal – Cookin’ In Brooklyn

Quincy Vidal

QV is a hip hop group based in and out of Brooklyn, NY. Each are from opposite sides of the US however, Le being from DC and Caleb being from SF. When I heard this tape i was pleasantly surprised.

Fresh, percussion centered Hip Hop, with simple instrumentation and deep lyrics. Just how I like it.

Download Cookin in Brooklyn HERE

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Dogs vs. Cats

I Wish You were Born A Dog, You SLUT!

You know, i’ve always wondered why the majority of people love dogs, over cats. I mean, clearly, there are the obvious reasons.

Dogs are: More jovial. Loyal, Better patrolmen for when you’re drunk and passed out. Much cuter as babies.

But lets not be hasty..

Cats are: Less noisy, cheaper, clean up after themselves, and ninjas.

What’s this? We are no better off now than when we started this debate. We may never solve this great mystery.

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Sole Profit presents Muddy Soup: Eclectic Lounge vol. 1

Sole Profit Presents: Muddy Soup- Eclectic Lounge

I met Camron Mcclure, aka Sole Profit, about a year ago. Profit has been dropping juicy delectable ear candy since 94′; fresh out of the Bay Area, Sole Profit is a stark contrast to popular Atlanta rap, and A breath of fresh air, i’d say.

Download this these free HERE, tasty sound bytes and bump it in your oldschool, Ipod, Aaaand your babymomma’s ghettoblaster. It wont hurt to light up a fatty while you do so ^_^

Hear more of His music at: WigglefunkBeats.com

Contact Sole Profit at: WiggleFunkRecords@gmail.com

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Rainy Days…

Rainy Days…Do you think of me?
I may not be as big as a tree
As ornery as a human might be
But still, do you ever think of me?
I bother no one, keep to myself
And yet you keep dropping crap on head.
You know that crawl slower than the average…
In your nonchalance, you sling your h20 grenades wherever you please
It seems fun to you, but down here it feels like WWII.
Keep this up and ill gather my troops and start WWIII.
No hard feelings…Just consider my feelings the next time you empty your bladder
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