“You’re Fired”

Recently, I travelled to LA to audition for the Work of Art: Season 2 Casting. [See photos Here]. Nicely Enough, I made it to the 2nd Round, which narrowed the initial 350 ppl to around 30 ppl. Somehow, by the audition day, it got bloody cold in So Cal. As I waited outside the audition room, chatting up some cute photography–the sky turned an ominous grey. I sort of knew the day would be shit.

Basically I walked in the room, and they asked me why their were so many heads in my artwork and whether they had meaning. Initially i thought, why the fuck would they ask me that, of all the questions. I tried to jog my memory if they did and ended up just babbling about my friend going insane during an acid trip.

They started whispering in eachother’s ears, and I knew i was out. I looked especially grungy that day. ^_^

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